Basic Mathematics & Algebra : Learning Basic Math

How do you learn basic math, and why is it important? Hi, I'm Jimmy, and we're here to
address those issues right about now. The four basic operations of math is going to
be something that you'll be carrying with you throughout your entire lifetime. You may
not use the most complicated algebra in the world on an everyday basis, but the four basic
operations — the big four — are about as critical as they can get. We use addition,
subtraction, multiplication, and division in just about every day lives, and it's just
a question of sometimes you use one operation more than others. With addition, you're putting
a lot of things together. You're adding a lot of resources. When you're moving different
objects and you have other objects to go along with it, and you put them all together, that's
an example of addition. With subtraction, if you balance your checkbook, well, you start
out with how much money that you have and with each bill, there is a lot of subtraction
going on. Now, with multiplication, if you were to go out shopping, for example, and
you need to buy more than one of the same thing, you have to multiply it because you
need to figure out a quick way as to how much something will cost. So for example, if you
buy five books each at five dollars, it gives you a very quick way to figure out, "Oh, okay.
This is how much I'll be spending — 25 dollars." As with division, if you have to break things
up into different piles of groups, then division is an easy way for you to divide numbers because
if you know you have 27 things and you have to break it up into three piles, it's a very
easy way for you to figure out, "Oh, okay. This is how many objects I have in each pile."
So the basic arithmetic operations are going to be with us on an every day basis. So I'm
Jimmy, and that is why learning basic math is very important.

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