Product Description

Ease the annoyance of Ringing Ears
Those who suffer from ringing ears understand the frustration of those constant noises. Similasan’s new Ear Ringing Remedy uses eight uniquely formulated natural active ingredients to temporarily relieve noises in the ears such as ringing, buzzing, roaring, humming, pounding, and more. Similasan of Switzerland works differently, using natural botanical extracts that stimulate the body’s natural defenses and target the root cause, so you can feel better without harsh chemicals. Go ahead, use as often as needed.
– No harsh chemicals
– Preservative free
– No known drug interactions or contraindications
– Use as often as needed
– Dairy free, gluten free, and nut free

Preparation Instructions

Directions: For Use in the Ear Only: Remove tamper-evident seal from neck of bottle. Twist cap off bottle. Tilt head sideways. Don’t squeeze bottle, squeeze plastic tip to release 3 to 5 drops into ear (Tip of applicator should not enter ear canal). Keep drops in ear for 3 to 5 minutes by keeping head tilted or placing cotton in ear. Any excess drops can be wiped away from outer ear. Use up to 4 times daily for no more than 48 hours, or as directed by a doctor. Children Under 12 Years of Age: Consult a doctor.

IngredientsActive Ingredients: Arnica (15x), Cinchona (12x), Eriodictyon Californium (12x), Hepar (12x), Lachesis (15x), Lycopodium (12x), Silicea (15x), Thiosinaminum (15x). Purposes: Buzzing, Ringing, Humming, ear Discomfort, Dizziness, Pulsations/Pounding, Buzzing, Throbbing, Tinkling, Roaring, Cracking, Buzzing, Rolling, Whizzing, Resounding Noise in Ears, Ringing, Tinkling, Buzzing, Roaring, Humming, Whizzing in the Ears, Tinkling, Clucking, Roaring, Singing, Noises in Ear, Ringing, Chirping. Inactive Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water.